A Denman Island British Columbia electronic pop group, Avro is a writing duo composed of Adam ‘Atom’ Percy and Megan Rose.  

Influenced by synthpop, classic new wave / cold wave, minimal techno, and with a pinch of post punk, Avro first released their first EP ‘Anatomy Act’ in 2016, followed by a full length album ‘Futuretroactivism’ in June 2022, and have a new EP in production for release in late 2023.  

The first single from Futuretroactivism titled ‘Promise Notes’ was released with a video that has garnered thousands of plays across social media, and charted across Canadian college radio.  

Promise Notes was also bolstered with dance and cinematic remixes by electronic artists Quick Kick and Snoog, and the track ‘Cobalt Dreams’ received remix love by electronic beatmaster Righteous Racket, accompanied with a dreamy neon remix video. 

After dates like The Woodstove Festival in Cumberland BC, Winter Arts Fest in Vancouver, Rogue Festival on the BC Sunshine Coast, and a spring 2023 tour across Ontario and Quebec promoting Futuretroactivism, Avro has crafted an energetic stage show that has kept audiences moving to their tight darker rhythms and hypnotic vocals. 

Avro is currently locked into their secret island studio base and mixing their next as yet untitled EP for release in early 2024.

"With their first album Futuretroactivism, keyboardist Megan Rose and composer Atom Percy have created a unique project that unites present and future, taking away the anguished weight of the past. In their songs (such as the sublime “Promise Notes”) they speak of a dystopian future in which addictions, insincerity and vices rule." - Dimitra Gurduiala, Atwood Magazine

" amazing synth pop banger with a kind of a tragic momentum and serious lyrics." - Thomas Frenken,

 "“Promise Notes” is a love-note to the likes of Human League." - Mark Anthony Brennan, Irregular Dreams





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Written by Atom Percy and Megan Rose.
Produced by Atom Percy at Secret Clubhouse Sound, Denman Island BC.
Mastered by Jason Corbett at Jacknife Sound, Vancouver BC.

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Official video  for “Promise Notes” the first single off the album Futuretroactivism


Previous events

The festival is produced by the not-for-profit, Coast Rogue Arts Society which focuses on offering a broader definition of the word ‘art’, fostering social inclusion, and promoting collaboration and interactivity.

The Rogue Arts Festival Saturday line up!

11:00am – Belt 11:55am – Francis Baptiste 1:00pm – Collective Set 2:05pm – Only A Visitor 3:10pm – Collective Set 4:30pm – Mivule 6:30pm – Old Yeller 7:30pm – Avro 8:30pm – The History of Gunpowder 9:30pm – Kimmortal