Avro is a New Wave Synthpop duo featuring singer & keyboardist Megan Rose and singer & composer Atom Percy

Already having established himself as a session player, touring keyboardist, and producer for many years, Atom met Megan performing her own material at shows on sleepy and rural Denman Island, where both currently reside.  

Becoming instant friends, the pair found commonality in their musical tastes and songwriting approaches, and after some positive songwriting sessions, they christened the group Avro; a nod to the avian dream of a technological future, that was swiftly halted by the weight of the past. 

Having released their independent debut EP ‘Anatomy Act’ a few years prior, Avro returns with a new album, titled ‘Futuretroactivism’, out June 16th, 2022, along with an advance release of the first single and video for the track ‘Promise Notes’ on May 26th. 

The product of over a year of writing in studio, ‘Futuretroactivism’ is bristling with powerful synthesized tones, galloping rhythms, and ethereal vocals.  Lyrically Avro merges myth and fantasy with the dystopian dream of the not too distant future, seamlessly combining dancefloor ecstasy with thoughtful introspections. 

While the album gives nods towards earlier synth artists like Fad Gadget, Yaz, or early Human League, the use of more modern production notes, original hooks, and vocal interplay between the duo makes Avro a unique outfit in the world of electronic music. 

Along with the release of ‘Futuretroactivism’, Avro is currently building a stage show to match the energy of their tracks, and are booking shows in support of the album after release.


Anatomy Act


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The debut EP from alternative electronic band Avro. All songs written by Avro, except 'Do What You Do' and 'One Nine Seven Six' written by Avro, John Greenberg, and Tim van de Ven.

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