Avro is a Canadian alternative electronic band featuring Acid Test, Econoline Crush, and Bif Naked alumnus Atom Percy, and Megan Rose

Formed in 2015 on Denman Island off of Vancouver Island, Avro fuses 80s style sound with dance beats and experimental tones.

They self-released their debut EP ‘Anatomy Act’ in January 2017, with a sound rooted strongly in a ‘classic’ synthesized style. The tracks are clearly catchy and danceable, with Percy’s strong lead vocals, and Rose adding a haunting and complimentary layer with her own voice on every track.  

Anatomy Act was recorded using modern digital methods, but almost all the instrumentation and synth programming was tracked using Percy’s collection of drum machines and keyboards, each with a production date somewhere after 1973, and prior to 1985.  The album also included strong session and songwriting contributions from drummer Tim van de Ven and guitarist John Greenberg on tracks 'One Nine Seven Six' and 'Do What You Do'.

While not conceived as a concept recording, Percy’s honest lyrics pull at similar themes throughout the EP - a longing for connection with others, a connection often failing with an isolating dependence on technology.

Having played regular shows around Vancouver Island and the BC mainland, 2017 is set to be a brilliant starting year for Avro with a new album already in the works. 

Both Adam and Megan live on Denman Island, one of the many gulf islands off of Vancouver Island in British Columbia. The ocean is as critical to our survival here as it is anywhere else on this planet.  

While there are many amazing organizations around the world that work to protect our oceans who we support, we also know how important the smaller localized groups can be - we all need to be more active stewards where we live. 

Keeping this in mind, we're offering the single for Leviathan as a 'pay what you want' track.  

You can download it for free, but if you do contribute a payment, we will be donating it and all the proceeds from this digital single to our local ocean protectors, the Association for Denman Island Marine Stewards (ADIMS).


Anatomy Act


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The debut EP from alternative electronic band Avro. All songs written by Avro, except 'Do What You Do' and 'One Nine Seven Six' written by Avro, John Greenberg, and Tim van de Ven.

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